Sunday, 24 September 2017

Gymnastics at Tristar

Our last gymnastics session was at Tristar. We had a range of equipment to work on. Miller class enjoyed this session with Kane our coach.

Nikhil on the bars rolling the cylinder forward

Elisa is ready to jump

Dayton on a roll

Justin giving it a go to balance on the beam

Selui and Justin in action on the beam

Emmanuel, Dayton and Khatija on the tyre

Go Ova!!

Viliami and Khatija trying to put their arms out like a plane

Melissa on the tyre

Jerimaiyah balancing on the beam

Eliezer and Tino on the bars

Friday, 1 September 2017

Week 6 : Measurement -Time

This week we have been learning about time, concepts of short and long durations, days of the week.
We made paper rings with different colours for each day of the week and used white rings to represent the weekend.

Week 5 : Learning Fractions with pizzas

This week we have been learning about halves of shapes and objects.
We made pizzas and cut them into halves.

Persuasive writing inspired by the chicks

Some interesting arguments from our young writers with their opinion about whether Miller Class should keep the chicks.

By Hamzah

By Barney

By Khatija

Good bye chicks

Before the chicks left, we all had a turn to hold the chicks.

Jerimaiyah: They are very soft.

                                           Fale: I wish they could stay.

                                          Emmanuel: They are very fluffy.

                                         Viliami: It has sharp claws, its tickling me.

                                           Tino: They are very cute.

                                           Dayton: The chicks are scared.

                                         Jaymalyn: I like holding them.

                                          Aarav:  This chick is happy.

                                         Jerimaiyah:  The chick is trying to run away.

                                            Selui: I am going to miss them.

                                            Salote: This chick is bigger than I thought.

                                           Eliezer: The chick is looking at me.

                                          Samuel: It's feet is tickling my hand.

                                        Khadija: We should keep them.

                                           Ziera; I am going to miss you.

                                          Ova: I am not scared to hold them.

                                            Ayaan: The chick is very warm.

                                          Melissa: It has tiny feathers.

                                           Haolin: I am not sure if he wants me to hold him.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Kindy visit to Miller class

Miller class invited Hillsborough Kindy to come and watch our beautiful chicks

We want to come back again

Week 4- Watch the eggs hatch

Miller class was very excited to watch the eggs hatch. 

Look at me, I am ready to stand and walk