Sunday, 10 December 2017

Swimming with Miller Class

Week 5 and Week 6 are swimming lessons week in Miller Class!

Isn't this the best way for Miller Class to cool off in the sun?! Putting on our togs and splashing about while we learn how to swim like dolphins. 🌊🌊🐬🐬🌊🌊

Agnes showing us how relaxing floating can be on your back!

 Watering us so we can grow and sprout into amazing swimmers!

"It's nice and cool bobbing on the side waiting our turn"

Board and noodle swimming is so much fun! 

"I can find this ring in the water," Dayton you are very clever!

Keep posted for more fun learning in Miller Class.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Week 3 - Dance your socks off with Miller Class!

Miller Class has been learning how to boogie and get down and funky! 💃💃💃🎶
Reach for the stars Miller Class!

Can you balance on your bottom without your hands and feet touching the ground?

Ice Cream Sticks!

 Balancing on all fours is very hard, but we can do it!

The connecting game is our favourite game to play in dance. Can you connect like us?

Week 2 - Stardome Trip

Miller Class and Williams Class learnt so much about the 9 Planets in our solar system!

 Can you name the 9 Planets in our solar system in order from the sun? 

Gevan the Astronaut 

Time to relax and watch a short film about a star called the Sun.

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Our Pepeha

Miller class has been learning to say their pepeha.  We have added some more details to it.




Monday, 23 October 2017

Welcome to Term 4

Welcome to Term 4 2017

Miller Class made an awesome start to the term by being sunsmart !!

We made posters to share what we learned -- Slip , Slap, Slop and Wrap

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Gymnastics at Tristar

Our last gymnastics session was at Tristar. We had a range of equipment to work on. Miller class enjoyed this session with Kane our coach.

Nikhil on the bars rolling the cylinder forward

Elisa is ready to jump

Dayton on a roll

Justin giving it a go to balance on the beam

Selui and Justin in action on the beam

Emmanuel, Dayton and Khatija on the tyre

Go Ova!!

Viliami and Khatija trying to put their arms out like a plane

Melissa on the tyre

Jerimaiyah balancing on the beam

Eliezer and Tino on the bars

Friday, 1 September 2017

Week 6 : Measurement -Time

This week we have been learning about time, concepts of short and long durations, days of the week.
We made paper rings with different colours for each day of the week and used white rings to represent the weekend.