Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Samoan language week

This week we celebrated Samoan language. We learned the Samoan number song with actions and explored Samoan cultural patterns. It was great fun presenting it at our special assembly.

All of us wore lavalava 

Our Number song

Our Samoan art with patterns

Patterns with different materials

This week we focused on exploring patterns around us. We used different coloured cubes, shapes, animals and insects to make our own pattern. It is important to repeat when we make a pattern.

Ariana and Eliana with their cube patterns 

Cornelius, Kade and Dwayne is busy thinking what shapes they can use to make their own patterns

I have made a pattern with triangles and squares

Dwayne made a pattern with caterpillars and scorpions

Nadia made patterns with fish and boats

Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Chandni's learning this week

Chandni has been writing some stories about lock down and doing some number work in her bubble.

Facts with 5

Words with L sound

My lock down story

Facts with 5 and words with 'L' sound

Here is Melvin's work